Enemies Reunion

Almost midnight on Sunday/Monday The Sun Sagittarius conjoin Saturn ♐ at 7 degrees and the event could be named in Astrology as”Enemies Reunion” where Saturn offen is the vinner because it will transform the energies of the Sun Sagittarius into some limitations and reduce the optimistic, love of freedom and entusiastic nature of Sagittarius. What […]

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Happy Scorpio New Moon!

WednesDay 11/11-2015 in Askøy Bergen Norway at approximately 17.47 p.m. The question is what can we achive in this Part and Path of the world? Up in the Chart a really tense and electrifying planet 🌍 of Originality, Humanity and New Age shine bright in a tripple Yod which include mind, feelings and vitality accompanied […]

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Sun in 5th House

I’m trying to use the energies to do some creative work with the help the Sun and Leo or I hope it’s the right time to start New and Old projects after the Total Super Full Moon Aries in my 10th House which indicate to not start anything but it was on September 28 2015. […]

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