Happy Spring / Vernal Equinox 20 March 2016! 🌞♓♈🌔♌

The New Astro Year brings a lot of Determination, Original Rethinking and Patience. As I write this post the amazing song of the Beautiful artist JLO “waiting for tonight” video on vh1 shuffle 🔀 tune the feelings of this Magical night and as beautiful coincidence or Godincidence Magical and an important time of the Astro Year like our ancestors did. In this Part of the World the Chart of the Equinox shows that there is the Ascendent ♑ ruler by Saturn in its own House and the Moon in the House of ♎ while the Sun in the House of ♈ make the start of the Astro Year very ambitious, lovely and impulsive.



There are a lot of tensions in the Spring/Vernal Equinox Chart bring dissatisfactions and restlessness. There are still a lot of opportunities to realize plans and organizational skills.

Just be creative

The Grand Trine with the Moon ♌, Saturn ♐ and Uranus ♈ is the WillPower which enter the New Astro Year and repeat itself at the end of 2016 to be exact on the 17-18 of December give us a little Original Rethinking Feelings and perhaps Meditate over these time of the Astro Year Palm Sunday today and prepare us for His Birth.


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