Enemies Reunion

Almost midnight on Sunday/Monday The Sun Sagittarius conjoin Saturn ♐ at 7 degrees and the event could be named in Astrology as”Enemies Reunion” where Saturn offen is the vinner because it will transform the energies of the Sun Sagittarius into some limitations and reduce the optimistic, love of freedom and entusiastic nature of Sagittarius.


What does this mean in Astrology?

There will be a difficult 10 – 15 days for individuals born with the Sun in Sagittarius but it will bring higher social status and improvement in the professional career if you use this time to climb higher. The entire 3 years period will Saturn activate the Sun and other planets of the Natal Chart.


Do you want to know if you have planets in Sagittarius? Send an email, register if you like and share the article!!! I’ll be happy to check!!!

Saturn in ♐ from 24 of december 2014 to the 21 of december 2017 will be conjoin by the Sun three times while transiting Sagittarius. Next time conjoin on december 10 2016 at 18 degrees and the last time on the winter Solstice 2017 on 29 degrees.


What else is to say about the First contact of Three?

There are a lot of squares in the Natal Chart!!! The strongest would be Neptune in Pisces which could make more difficult to see reality for instance or Mars in Libra and Pluto Capricorn following along the next days and create a T-square high will affect not only Sagittarius but all Cardinal signs. Next month will the planet of originality, kindness and humaness activate Saturn ♐ but more of this in the next post of Astroanda.Astrology, Telepathy and Spirit.



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