The Full Moon Gemini♊

WednesDay 25 of November 2015 at 11.44 p.m. in Norway and most of Europe 22.44 universal time. I cannot help to think of the Magic numbers 11, 22, (33), 44, 55, 66 and so on. Just a thought of the time of the event make me feel inspired!

Most People know what a Full Moon brings but just for fun I’d like to remind you.

“The Moon is a symbol of the instinctual consciousness in each individual and represent the lower mind as the Personality, with all its Sensations, Feelings and Emotions.”



The source is from a book titled The Progressed Horoscope and the writer is Alan Leo. I think it’s a Greit describtion of the Moon but just before The Full Moon there is a period of frustration. A lot of tragedies happened at this particular time!


In this Full Moon Gemini there are opportunities to make long term plans because of the Stellium in Sagittarius by Sun,  Mercury and Saturn ♐


but we have to be careful so that we will not loose our concept of reality because of several aspects to Neptune Pisces and not be able to see the difference from Truth to Lies. The dangers here are that we could be acting in many unresponsable ways, be careless and being blind optimistic because of the nature of Sagittarius and the Saturn conjunction. Sun and Saturn are Enemies in Astrology!!! There are several aspects in the Chart and the T-square with the planets involved in it are only a few degrees orbs and Mars quincuns Neptune almost exactly or less than one degree.


We can also se that Mars sextile Saturn and this facilitate, as most Astrologer know, and reinforce these two planets energies. We got the Uranus-Pluto square active because of the Retrograde motion of Uranus in Aries almost one degree at the end of the year and the beginning of the next (2016).

What can we do to enjoy and use these energies?

It’s important to moderate and find a balance so that we will not bring ourselfs and others behind the LIGHT!!!

How can we achieve the right positive change of the CELEXTIAL language?

We need to believe and follow our instinct to see things right! The time of the Full Moon Gemini 24-26 of November is a suitable opportunity and access to do something new. We use only 20% of our mind and Mercury is active in this Full Moon. Let us try to communicate and negotiate with so much as possible of the other 80%. You can’t withdraw now and be dissatisfied. Use Your talents and fantasi!!!

To balance your world you need endurance and determination and the magnetic attraction of the Full Moon Gemini.




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