Happy Scorpio New Moon!

WednesDay 11/11-2015 in Askøy Bergen Norway at approximately 17.47 p.m.

The question is what can we achive in this Part and Path of the world? Up in the Chart a really tense and electrifying planet 🌍 of Originality, Humanity and New Age shine bright in a tripple Yod which include mind, feelings and vitality accompanied by no less than an optimistic Philosopher could indeed be useful to improve health and healing, creativity by communications and an imaginative feeling of intuitions.


Relations could transform into a suddenly burst our social life and if we work In a selflessness Path we could achieve Great Deals which could benefit us all. More to come! Stay tune! The Scorpio New Moon where is until at least Thursday!

It’s a strong minded New Moon which alloud us to reveal mysteries of the kind that transform the deepest beliefs. I was reading this morning about the Egypt Pyramids where some heat in the foundation is starting. Well this is a cool Godincidence!


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