Sun in 5th House

I’m trying to use the energies to do some creative work with the help the Sun and Leo or I hope it’s the right time to start New and Old projects after the Total Super Full Moon Aries in my 10th House which indicate to not start anything but it was on September 28 2015. I’ll try anyway!!!



The Scorpio Sun from the Island of Askøy and if You look properly You will see actually a Scorpio Clouds just above our Star.

Chart of the moment

 In the Chart of the moment You can see a lot of 🌍 planets in Virgo ♍ the Moon will soon rise on the East followed by Jupiter, Mars and Venus. If You are outside in about a few hours and the Sky is Clear this Celextial Show will be visable for your naked eye. Look how big is the 5th House Sun and Leo!!!


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