Christian Patrick here,

Hi to You, in this post I’ll try to give useful information to find Your own Path of Life which is The Natal Chart. At this moment is very difficult to explain my lifes’ “aspects” to You so I’m not doing that just give some thought about it. This is my Natal Chart and the transits of now.


The Sun in the 7th House conjunct to Mars Aquarius said something about to start a New project on my own. Yyeeess!!! Actually I start spring vacation and I was trying to “think” what to do on it. And the Think Word make me automatically see Mercury Retrograde Aquarius in the 8th House. To use the mind now is good for the self but also business. And look at the Moon close to the midheaven!!! Feel good to be ambitious for the weekend and hopefully start on the new project mandag next week. Planning for it. The project is about to make Astrology more important to the audience because it’s a gift, a Blessing and a little part of the Truth. Venus Aquarius too in the 8th House that is Big Help!!! Venus Return Yesss!!! While I’m writing to You and listen to Pink Floyd Animals a old friend start to Chatt on messenger Yyeeess Re Re Re Mercury!!!



I imagine the Sun entering the 8th House and illuminate the business project in a few days. Maybe a few Word about the project astrotelespirit could be appropriate here. Astrology Telepathy and Spirit are a part of my life I’m not good at Telepathy but I’ve an unconscious sixt sense and a lot of humor. The spirit is of course what we believe and love. 







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