Super Full Moon Aquarius and The Perseids

This Full Moon could be spectacular where it’s possible to see it if the Sky is clear. To the Super Moon will be possible to see the Perseids meteor swarm which will include up to 20 meteor per hour :-). This is the second Super Moon of Three. I could personally feel the last one and was very strong to me

Super Full Moon Söderhamn Sweden
Super Full Moon Söderhamn Sweden

(because it’s conjunct the Sun in my Chart) so I envy Aquarians for this one because Mars and Saturn will add in a multiple T-square and a double big sextile. But let us focus on Leo which has Mercury conjunct the Sun and Uranus in Aries which align with a Trine. Neptune will add tensions to Jupiter Leo too and with Mars square the GasGiant there could be some “fire” which is difficult too “see”.

Full Moon Aquarius Bergen
Full Moon Aquarius Bergen


It seems like the energies of Physical and Psychological body, Relations and Spiritual Travellers are focused on the Super Full Moon in Bergen, Norway.






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