Full Moon Sagittarius Friday 13 June 2014

The Moon Sagittarius and Jupiter Cancer make a quincuns at exact 22 degrees. It’s a tence Full Moon and it will be easy to exaggerate, makes you feel that you can do anything and get what you want and it May will be so but is it really necessary? What you should do is to use the energies more to learn about yourself and life. It’s a mutable Full Moon! Make changes that will help you see yourself in a brighter light from the inside. The Full Moon will be felt most for Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo. What about the other signs? Aries has the most beneficial aspect and can make suddenly positive emotions burst of energies. Then Leo, Libra with Mars in the sign and Aquarius. Capricorn will get a little piece of this Full Moon on Saturday when it enters the Saturnian ruler sign. Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer will also feel it more on the weekend. Celebrate rather than stay inside because of the Friday 13. The next time this event will hopefully happend is in 2049! Blessings and Love!!! astro_2at_73_full_moon_sagittarius_hp.82406.48527   DSC_0624~2 DSC_0639~2 sketch-1402323502321~2


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